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I don't know about you. but I love foaming handsoap because I end up using less soap and it rinses off so much easier. 

Did you know you can make your own foaming handsoap?  A DIY means I can use any combination of essential oils to give my soap the aroma I want....while avoiding toxins such as artificial fragrances, dyes, phthalates, sulfates, and other toxic ingredients. 

There are tons of recipes out there, but the one I really like for an 8 oz container is: 
1 tsp -1 Tbsp Sweet Almond Oil 
10-20 drops of any Young Living essential oil you love

Add the 1st three ingredients to the soap container.  Stir.  Add water to fill, leaving room for the pump.  Enjoy!

These make great gifts too!  And since there are so many combinations of Young Living Essential oils that you can use in this recipe you can customize each bottle to the recipient.  Here are some of my favorite Young Living oils to use:
  • Create the smells of Christmas with Christmas Spirit oil
  • Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint oils create a light, refreshing, and uplifting combo (use at a 1:1:1 ratio or mix the ratio up to your own taste)
  • Citrus Fresh is perfect for the citrus lovers, an it has a bonus splash of mint
  • Orange and Cinnamon Bark...can't go wrong there (just a couple of drops of Cinnamon Bark is plenty)
  • Lushious Lemon...bright and happy!  Young Living actually makes a foaming handsoap with this oil, but a DIY is fun in a pinch
Super cute soap dispensers are a plus here, and Amazon has a nice variety!  Here are a few options:
If convenience is your game, then try this:
...and if you're like I am and have a few Mason jars hanging about you can save some money and just buy the lid:
Seriously y'all, the sky's the limit over at Amazon with styles!

So which oils did you use in your DIY foaming handsoap?  Let us know your favorite recipe and oil combos below.


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